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Check out how to setup the Futaba 14SG !

How to Program your Jive's

Nick Naxwell, runs thru the Futaba CGY750 with Setup Tips and Flight Tuning ..

Futaba CGY750 V1.3x Part 1 - Update and Setup Tips

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Well I have to admit it. I am a lipo abuser. It started when i was learning 3d and could not understand why consistent rainbows made my lipos feel like smouldering heat beads. Common sense would tell most people that maybe you should reduce the flying time... which i did. After trashing many a lipo, i decided that the safest flying time was 3 mins give or take 20 seconds.

However i feel resentful now against the humble lipo. Why cant it take longer than 3mins of consistent hard flying. Why should they be stored out of the sun. Why cant they be recharged for 1000s of cycles....
Lol, after about 30 secs it get's funny ... funny bloopers at the end ..

Notice Caution!!
Too much inverted flight may be hazardous.
Today i was driving down the road and had to turn left,,,,,,, instead i steered right.....lolo_O

This happened a while ago but had to tell everyone again,,,lol:D

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