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The perfect Action camera for your RC Heli / Multirotor needs! A lightweight FPV camera with streaming capabilities that won’t interfere with your 2.4 radio (like a GoPro camera will)

Key Features

  • 5.8Ghz downlink to support mobile devices with included antenna
  • 1080P/30 recording or 720P/30 when streaming
  • Lightweight and small form factor
  • Low latency and long range Wi-Fi

Check it out at :
The sound of an 800 is very different. Such a thumping bass sound. Awesome

Notice Fpv Beware !
Ok it's a plank but still !

Its extremely powerful. Observe how the helicopter flawlessly ticktocks without any bogging whatsoever. Specifications of build:motor: quantum 560kv
  • servo : BK
  • system : vbar 5.3 pro
  • RPM: 2700
  • PINION : 23T
  • reg : kk helijive 120
  • limain blade : blackline 3D
  • po : 12s 3000 45c

F3C pilots will love this canopy

This is amazing! the new Align 700 Speed Fuselage!....

Finally decided to get rid of the analog multimeter and go digital! So much easier. They had a better one at another store but I'm not able to get up there for another week probably so I just got this one. It does what I need for right now. I might take it back next week and get the better one. The one I wanted takes temperature and has a lot more options.

How about everyone post there meters or post a link to the one the have or the one they want!

So i heard @Ben from Mrchc told his wife he was going to Bunnings, He then turned up down the club... hmmm, Please explain !

He should Repent !
Barn Storming with Jeb Corlis, I would love to do this ... WOW


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