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does anyone have the CC gov settings for the align 600 booster kit..i downloaded the 700mx settings from CC and seems too be doing alright..but I haven't pushed it yet and a first time gov user,i usualy run flat curves
every time I use it I play it like a game and don't take it serous and then that transfers to the flight field...I cant figure out mentally how to take the sim serous and fly like im realy flying my heli
Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

I have committed the sin of the inordinate need to consume more than one requires.

During a night fly, I may have been encouraged to hover a Blade 450 ( a prostitute used for the unworthy purpose of copulating with the ground) in the vicinity of a flood light. After several hovers, I thought it was time to stop, but I received encouragement to fly a little more.

As I was flying in a flood light, I lost orientation, dumb thumbs came into effect it being night time, and the heli flew into the pits. Lucky the pits where empty.

I have since learned my...
What a tragic accident crash went in hard it was a total right off.
Carbon Fibre confetti it was magically mesmerizing to the human eye.
That's what every one will be saying after the weekend mofo.............
muah ha ha ha....... karma baby karmahahahahahaha.
Maybe I should be the anti crash god our antichrist against the hellish CRASH............................................................................
I am very very disturbed with the recent push for auto recovery and stabilization systems being so sought after by many helicopter pilots. This invention is an abomination, the dumbing down of a hobby which is designed to be challenging.

You the pilots have a choice:

1: Refuse to accept such technology and fly like real men should. Hold your head high and continue to learn, crash, and rebuild

2: Drop 500 testosterone points, buy a pink dress and use flight stabilisation

The choice is yours. I do not have any reason to support one technology over the other. I am only trying to...
I think it it's about time we the flying community rallied
Against your intimidation/scare tactics. You can't have your way
ALWAYS you know I think if I can get enough sick as pilots on my side
we can revert your evil ass back through the portal wenst you
Appeared from come on guys don't let this mythical mind Messer have his way.
Don't be scared of this pussy.
For Sale: AU 3gx V-3
For sale is my 3gx unit with only a few flights on it selling as I sold the heli that it was in cheers

80 posted

Hi Everyone, created a tutorial on how to do hurricanes. This tutorial focuses on the different methods you can use to control your helicopter throughout the hurricane.. IE what makes the helicopter go up and down while performing the hurricane.


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